Recreating a Special Dish

A few winters ago my husband and I ventured to Brooklyn for a day of fun. We stumbled into an adorable restaurant for brunch. The interior of the place was cozy, warm and exactly what we needed on that cold day. I have no clue what we ordered for our entrees that day, but years later we were still talking about the dandelion and broccolini appetizer we started off with. I tried and tried to remember the name of the restaurant, but it never came to me. It was probably because at brunch we had one too many cocktails…But it was cold and we needed to warm up. So be it.

Recently while riding in a cab on the way to our apartment I about jumped out of the car when I saw a sign for Fairway 10 blocks from my apartment. For those of you who don’t live in NYC – this probably means nothing to you. You probably get in your cars and go to real-live grocery stores like Publix or Kroger, roll your shopping cart out to the parking lot and fill up your trunk with your groceries. In New York City this does not happen. Most of us don’t have cars, and there really aren’t grocery stores like the ones mentioned above. Sure, we have some…but they aren’t a shopping pleasure. Fairway on the other hand is a dream come true. It has space to push a cart! It has real aisles! It has every ingredient in one stop – no more going to 5 places in order to get items for a single recipe! And – it’s affordable!

My husband and I quickly planned our first trip. When we got to the produce section (which is gorgeous) I noticed they had dandelion greens. I decided to recreate the dish we had talked about so often, and it was delicious. The bitterness of the dandelion mixed with the nuttiness of the parmesan was just delightful.

Dandelion greens and broccolini served with a simple grilled pork chop.

Dandelion greens and broccolini served with a simple grilled pork chop.


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