Cornish Hens Sound Fancy – Right?

…But they are actually super easy to make. Our local grocery (note: not Fairway) had Cornish Hens on sale, I bought 3 (again, it wasn’t Fairway and I was terrified they would never be on sale again, so I went crazy and stuffed my tiny freezer full of what looks to be like mini-chickens). The reason being, these little hens are ridiculously simple to cook up, taste delicious and they seem fancy – I guess it’s something about the word Cornish partnered with the word hen.

While I’m all for food looking fancy – I’m not for fancy food taking up a lot of time when I’m making it. This meal can be cooked in one pan (hello, dream come true!) and the beauty is prep time on this takes about 15-minutes. Then just pop it in the oven, relax for a little over an hour and boom…you have dinner, including sides.

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