Doggy Bag Brunch

I live in a city that is rumored to have about 24,000 restaurants. This might be an outdated number, but I like to throw it around because let’s face it – 24K packs a lot of punch. That said, I’m a woman who finds clothes boring – seriously. Ask anyone who knows me. I might be a product junkie, but the thought of walking into a store and trying on clothes or shoes sends chills down my spine. It’s overwhelming. I don’t know how to manage clothes on hangers while perusing different racks. I get hot. I hate waiting in line for dressing rooms. I turn 30 this year and still to this day my mother can be credited for my best outfits. She is a super-clothes shopper. She’s also a math wiz. These attributes seemed to skip a generation. Anyway, I don’t spend a lot of cash on clothes, but I do overspend every month, according to, on restaurants, groceries and beverages. And I’m OK with it. Especially because I am, in fact, a wiz at turning last night’s fancy leftovers into a homemade, tasty brunch. I have no shame in asking for a doggy bag, even at the finest of restaurants.

Recently I took home some leftover kale my husband and I managed not to finish at dinner and the next day made a brunch that I honestly would have paid at least $18 a plate for. Plus, we had homemade brunch cocktails. So while we might have overspent the night before, we certainly saved money the next morning – and it was so simple.

A note, I’m the WORST at poaching eggs, so I cheat. Take a look at this recipe and see how I easily created this gooey goodness.

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2 thoughts on “Doggy Bag Brunch

  1. OMG adding an egg is the best way to make a meal out of it! Kind of like Portlandia “put a bird on it” – can’t go wrong! Love this 🙂

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