I made a Cake…and Some Soup

Neil went out of town last week to head to Vegas with a bunch of his guy friends to celebrate a buddy’s birthday. I’m sure they all got drunk, acted like idiots and had the times of their life. I on the other hand had an extremely productive weekend which included a potluck dinner with some gals, writing, reading, a concert, a book fair, an 8-mile walk with a new amazing friend, the gym and cooking. I packed in a lot and still managed to catch 7 episodes of Felicity on my couch with my cat. (We recently purchased Hulu Plus which has proved to be the best thing that has happened in regards to my love of late 90’s television.)

Neil is out of town for the entire week – after Vegas he had to head to San Francisco for a work conference. For some reason his exodus sparked the Suzy Homemaker inside of me. I decided I was going to make a giant pot of soup for the week – it’s so friggin’ easy to make and that way I would have dinner for the week and I could come home every night from work, jump on the couch and get lost in Kerri Russel’s hair debacle from season 2. With all that extra time on my hands not cooking dinner every night I could get through at least 3 episodes an evening!

I had a ton of leftover broccoli from potluck dinner. I made this broccoli salad for the potluck I mentioned above and the typical Jewish mother inside of me purchased two extra heads, just in case. My mom had mentioned an easy soup recipe, so I headed to the grocery store to pick up a few items I needed. This is a combination of her recipe with my own tweaks.

While at the store I suddenly had a craving for cake. I marched myself down the baking aisle and picked up what I needed to create this delicious vanilla cake with chocolate frosting.

A few hours later I was in the kitchen with the soup on the stove and the cakes in the oven. I NEVER bake. It’s not my thing. But this was truly simple. And the soup. Oh man. It was DISGUSTINGLY easy and so delicious.


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